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Glazing Applications

Frames, trims and screws are all things of the past when it comes to marine windows. We’re seeing modern day ship design feature increasingly larger surface areas of glass which seamlessly blend into elegantly designed super yachts. Today’s direct glazing technology not only improves aesthetic styling, it also helps achieve greater fuel efficiency by reducing both wind and vibration noise through better aerodynamics. With good design it can also contribute significantly to a vessel’s structural integrity, as well as providing better protection from natural elements such as moisture, temperature fluctuations and intense UV light than a traditional framed window.

With the latest glass manufacturing processes windows of almost any shape, size and curvature are available in a wide variety of formulations ranging from laminated mineral glass (with or without a ceramic edge) to organic variants manufactured from plastics, acrylics or polycarbonates. All with their own unique chemical and physical properties.

Innovative research and development ensures that all Kömmerling Marine chemical systems have been developed to be compatible with today’s modern production processes and consistently provide the capability to significantly optimise the direct glazing process - saving costs and reducing assembly times.

Körapur 177

A high strength, moisture curing, 1 component polyurethane adhesive. Körapur 177 offers good resistance to humidity and adverse weather conditions. Easily applied with a hand gun, this high modulus product has a rapid 4-6 hour cure time (+23°C @ 50% humidity) and is overpaintable with most paint systems once cured.

  •      High strength
  •      Fast curing
  •      High modulus, non-sag characteristics
  •      Excellent resistance to humidity & weathering
  •      Rapid curing
  •      Overpaintable once cured

Körapop 954 Marine

A silane-terminated polymer, this solvent free, single component hybrid adhesive sealant has been specifically designed for exterior applications in the marine and boat building industries. It offers good resistance to humidity and weathering, and tolerates large fluctuations in temperatures (-40°C to +90°C).

  •      Good adhesion to mineral glass
  •      Good adhesion to zinc, aluminium, steel, wood, duroplastics and thermoplastics
  •      Overpaintable wet on wet
  •      Good resistance to humidity and weathering
  •      Excellent tolerance to temperature fluctuations, -40°C to +90°C (+120°C for short intervals)

Ködisil A

A 1 component, moisture curing, silicone sealant, Ködisil A has excellent resistance to UV radiation, humidity and weathering. Solvent free, with in-built fungicide this highly elastic sealant offers good adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as glass, zinc, aluminium, steel, wood and various plastics including duroplastics and thermoplastics. Odour free with a neutral colouring Ködisil A is paint compatible to DIN 52 452 T.4. 

  •      Suitable for sealing and bonding polyester, polycarbonate and PMMA
  •      Good adhesion to mineral glass, aluminium, zinc, steel, wood, duroplastics and thermplastics
  •      Permanent elasticity once cured
  •      Conforms to DIN 52 452 T.4 - paint compatibility
  •      In built fungicide

GD 826 N

A high performance, moisture curing, single component silicone rubber sealant which is solvent free. Offering permanent elasticity once cured, along with excellent resistance to UV exposure, humidity and weathering. Odour free with a neutral colouring GD 826 N is paint compatible to DIN 52 452 T.4 and shows high tolerance to wide temperature fluctuations, -40°C to +140°C. 

  •      Excellent UV stability
  •      Good resistance to humidity and weathering
  •      Permanent elasticity once cured
  •      Conforms to DIN 52 452 T.4 - paint compatibility
  •      Excellent tolerance to temperature fluctuations, -40°C to +140°C

Ködiglaze SDG

Specifically designed for direct glazing, this 2 component, solvent free, silicone adhesive is ideal for using on glass where a black primer can’t be used. Ködiglaze SDG offers high strength performance on a wide range of substrates.

Note: Due to diversity of substrates, preliminary testing is always recommended

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