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Deck Caulking

It’s natural ability to withstand the adverse weather conditions which can be found at sea, with extreme fluctuations in humidity and heat, and extended periods of exposure to both UV light and moisture has made teak the timber of choice for many years when laying the deck on many larger boats and luxury yachts. But it doesn’t come without it’s problems, as the oily properties of this natural hardwood make it notoriously difficult to bond.

Using a polysulphide base, Köraflex 996 combines high performance adhesion and permanent elasticity with outstanding non-sag properties to demonstrate exceptional tolerance to extreme dynamic stresses experienced by ocean going vessels during bad weather.

Köraflex 996

A two component, solvent free, polysulphide adhesive sealant designed specifically for deck caulking joints. Solvent free, with exceptional cure times to improve production timelines, Köraflex 996 offers high resistance to UV radiation, good adhesion to teak and allows permanent elasticity within the joint.

  •      Excellent UV resistance
  •      Fast curing
  •      Good resistance to humidity and extreme weather conditions
  •      High resistance to water, salt water and several chemicals
  •      Easily abraded once fully cured
  •      Good adhesion to Teak, Iroko and other wooden materials
  •      Good adhesion to galvanised steel, glass, aluminium, wood, and stainless steel

Note: Due to diversity of substrates, preliminary testing is always recommended.

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