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About Us

Kömmerling have been engaged in the development and production of high performance adhesives and sealants for more than 100 years and are established on a global stage as a specialist manufacturer servicing a wide range of market sectors including construction, glazing, automotive and marine.

With extensive manufacturing facilities supported by a modern research and development department based at their German headquarters, Kömmerling offer a comprehensive technical support service across the whole range of it’s products and systems which ensures a tailor made solution can be offered to meet each individual customers' specific needs.

Customised chemical engineering

The Kömmerling Marine product range has been specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of the boat- building and vessel repair market and are highly resistant to the arduous conditions often found in the marine environment with extreme fluctuations in temperature, UV exposure, humidity, weathering and immersion in sea water, fuel and oils.

  •      Körapur - a range of one & two part polyurethane adhesives & sealants
  •      Körapop - a range of one part solvent free, silane terminated polymers
  •      Kwikfill - a two part, polyester resin filler 
  •      Ködasil - one part, high performance silicone sealants 
  •      Köraflex - a two part, polysulphide sealant, solvent free
  •      Ködiglaze - a two part, high strength, solvent free silicone adhesive
  •      Körapox - a two part, solvent free, epoxy adhesive

The Kömmerling Marine products are suitable for a diverse range of applications including commercial, leisure and passenger vessels, along with a wide range of work boats such as pilot boats, tugs, fishing, wind farm and aquaculture vessels. It includes a range of easy to apply sealants with high elastomeric characteristics ensuring a durable, long-lasting seal for use on hatches, port holes, bilges, and all deck equipment, including winches, sail tracks, stanchions, padeyes, chainplates, etc.

Other products include a variety of structural bonding adhesives, ideal for joints that are subject to extreme dynamic stresses that require a long lasting, high strength, elastic adhesive with excellent gap filling capabilities. They also offer excellent shock absorbing and vibration damping properties on applications that typically include hatches, hulls, supporting struts, panels and bulkheads.

Surface pre-treatment products such as cleaners, primers and activators are also available, along with ancillary products such as fillers, tapes and smoothing agents. A full range of application tooling is also available which includes hand, air and battery powered guns.

Building strength in partnerships

As an authorised distributor we at Albert Jagger are working closely with Kömmerling to offer the highly regarded UK boat building industry not only a range of high quality sealants and adhesives but also the comprehensive technical support services that this industry demands.

With over 125 years of experience of working within other transport sectors, we’re in a unique position to transfer knowledge and skill sets gained from supplying OEM’s within the bus, truck, rail and aerospace industries, into the marine markets. All of which share many of the same challenges and constraints:

  •      Reducing weight and build times
  •      Increasing strength and rigidity
  •      Damping of vibration and noise 
  •      Improving fuel efficiency and performance
  •      Optimised chemical performance

All without compromising performance or safety.

What Can I Do Next…

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